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Celebrating  people who  have transformed their lives with the help of “Tracy Hepburn

Vicky Bryant

“Simply Chic made me realize that I am beautiful inside and out! Tracy’s heart for women’s ministry caused me to strive to
reach for my highest ambitions, dreams, and goals.”


“I’m on the right track because of Tracy. I am equipped to know what to do when I start to head down the wrong track.”


Tina Mitchell

“Having a Dream Coach has helped me discover what’s inside of me. I call this the ”Great Awakening.” Giving me the direction and permission to love myself, relay love myself as I take time to discover what’s
really important to me.”


Carolyn Bodiot

“Tracy has a heart for others, which her ”Tea Time with Tracy” radio show really proved. As a guest on her radio show she
helped me to share some very diffcult things, which truly helped in my spiritual healing!”


Jody Campbell

“Tracy has been instrumental in being a guide to give me a vision for the future and to pursue it. I would highly recommend Tracy as a dream coach.”


Lynda Bryant

"Having Tracy as a Life Coach has inspired spiritual growth, confidence, and personal acceptance of who I am in Christ.  Tracy uses her spiritual gifts to provide loving assurance, guidance, and accountability."


Pam Woods


“Tracy has helped me break free from several strong holds. She is a great listener and is sincere about how she cares for you! She wants to see you succeed!”


Aubrey Gamble

Yellow Flowers
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